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Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions.
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Is the Cyclorama suited for voice recording / audio?

The premises are fitted out with sound proofed ceilings and double glazed windows to ensure that sound from the local area sound doesn’t make it’s way in. There is the occasional sea plane flying over head, but rarely, and nothing compared to airport planes you would hear in most of the city studios!

The main cyclorama is suited for recording sound and voice audio for video and has thick wall curtains, sound panels and floor mat to soften echo, but the studio also features a sound tight VO booth setup with Sennheiser voice microphone for recording voice over, promos, narration and other audio that requires silent sound.

The audio feeds directly into our in-house edit suite with client talk back monitoring.


Are the light stands and any floor lights included?

We have 6 soft-box floor lights that are the same as the top lights. You have access to all these as well as all the light stands if you have your own lights.
We do have spotlights and led lights available for hire.

Stands included:

12x regular light stands in various sizes. 
1x c-stand regular ’40’.
2x extendable boom arm lighting stand on wheels (8kg).


Does the studio have other people working in offices while the studio is being hired?

Studio Manly do have in-house creatives who work quietly in their offices / rooms with headphones on and make sure they don’t create any background noises while you are recording or using the studio.

We generally keep to ourselves but are always available to assist you with any questions you may have about the studio and the equipment.

Is there onsite parking available?

Yes. When you book for full day or half day you get 3x small car spaces or two large truck / van spaces.

There is also full day parking until 7pm at Bunnings warehouse across the road from our premises. There is on street 2hr parking as well.

Be sure to let us know how many car spaces you will need on-site to ensure all the spaces are available. 

How many power points does the studio have?

Each end of the Cyc has 6 power points and the back wall has 4 power points.
We have plenty of extension leads and power boards available on site too.

The Studio also features 3-phase power which is charged at an hourly rate.

What kind of lights are your cyclorama house lights?

Full overhead soft-box light grid with 28 heads daylight balanced at 5400K.
225watt per bulb (equivalent to 1000w per light).

All bulbs are high quality, high CRI (typically 95+) Viva Lights. These lights represent a major improvement to the quality of light and therefore the quality of images in our studio.  Our lights are 5400k and completely colour balanced white with a full spectrum of colour rendering – delivering bright, clean daylight colours and skin tones. Whiter whites, redder reds, etc.

The lights are controlled on a light switch panel so you can choose just how many house lights you want turned on.

You can also attach your own lights to our lighting grid. (you must mention this to us when you do this so we know to plug our lights back in).

Does the studio have edit suites or computers available for hire?

The studio has two edit suites on site but only one of them is available for hire.

Our iMac 5k edit suites are kitted with the entire adobe creative cloud suite and is available for hire at an hourly or full day rate. More info

We have ultrastudio 4k deck which is ready to injest 4k video directly to hard drive. The cyc has 3x HD-sdi cables tethered into into monitoring room.

Some of the companies, networks and brands who have chosen to use our facilities and services

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